Smart EM Checker (FEC-001)

Every device using electricity inevitably generates electromagnetic wave, and among various kinds of wave, the electromagnetic wave which affects human body is widely distributed immeasurably. Are my surroundings really safe in the environment full of electronic products? These kinds of curiosity can be satisfied all by measuring for yourself. Smart EM Checker(FEC-001) is a subminiature sensor which can easily measure the electromagnetic wave in our life by connecting to the earphone jack of a smart device. Since it uses semiconductor sensor and precise signal measurement technology, it indicates the electromagnetic wave around us on a smart device in V/m(volt per meter) unit in real time. Measurement error is approx. within 30% because there are many different kinds of smart-phone in the market. Therefore, you may leave the exact measurement of radiation dose to an expert, and you can carry out the preliminary simple measurement by inserting Smart EM Checker into a smart-phone.

What is electromagnetic wave?

It is an energy generated from the flow of electricity or magnetism, and when vibration occurs while electricity flows electric field, magnetic field are generated at the same time around it, and we call the wave generated by its periodic change electromagnetic wave. Electric field and magnetic field have different nature each other but they are combined together, and they are generated everywhere electricity flows, which means that every device using electricity inevitably generates electromagnetic wave. This is called electric/magnetic wave and it is an energy, not a substance, therefore it is invisible and furthermore it is said that it has no temperature and no mass. Electromagnetic wave has various properties depending upon wavelength, amplitude and waveform. It is classified as long wave, medium wave, short wave, ultrashort wave and micro wave depending upon size of distance between waves and other than these, radiation rays such as infrared ray, visible ray, ultraviolet ray & X ray and Gamma ray belong to electromagnetic wave. (Quoted from Naver encyclopedia)

What is effect of electromagnetic wave on us?

Among electromagnetic waves, the electromagnetic waves which affect human body are widely dist- ributed immeasurably. Environmental pollutions such as atmospheric, water quality or soil pollution can be checked through our five senses, however electromagnetic waves, being the 4th pollution, cannot be seen, heard or felt, hence, where its seriousness lies. X-ray or Gamma ray which is a kind of electromagnetic wave which has strong energy, therefore if exposed to it for a long time, it gives bad effect on cell, which may cause foetal abnormality. Also, it is presumed that hormone and immune systems are destroyed, causing leukemia, lymphatic cancer, brain cancer and foetal abnormality. High frequency waves exceeding 1 MHz raises the body temperature by making molecule in body agitated as microwave of a microwave oven raises temperature by agitating the water molecule. It is pointed out that ultra low frequency or extremely low frequency affects the ion distribution of calcium, kalium, natrium and chlorine moving through cell membrane in body, even though their amounts are very small, which further affects secretion of hormone. Also, the electric field flowing through skin may cause skin disease like eczema, and there is an argument that in case of woman who uses computer professionally, skin aging is accelerated. It is also known that electromagnetic wave gives bad effect especially on tissue such as blood corpuscle, reproductive organ and lymph node, of which cell proliferation is fast. (Quoted from Naver encyclopedia)

 Smart Geiger Pro (SGP-001)

  • · Measurement electromagnetic wave : Electromagnetic wave of electric fields
  • · Measurement Frequency : 16Hz ~ 100kHz
  • · Measurement range : 1~2,000 V/m
  • · Minimum reaction point : 1 V/m
  • · Sensor type : Semiconductor Sensor
  • · Sensor size : 30mm x Φ10
  • · Sensor weight : 6g
  • · Case type : Al (Aluminum)
  • · User interface : Smart phone (earphone jack)
  • · KC Registration No. : MSIP-REM-FT3-FEC-001






How to prevent the damage caused by electromagnetic wave?

1. Computer
Keep more than 1 meter away from the computer if possible, and its better to use notebook using LCD, and you should take 10 minute s rest after 40 minute s work. It is also better to use 17 inch computer or notebook computer which generates much less electromagnetic wave, rather than to use 14 inch computer.

2. Mobile phone
As revealed by a direct test in recent newspaper, it may affect brain directly and can be a cause of brain tumor. When using mobile phone, use earphone if possible and it is said that the electromagnetic wave is generated less on the right hand than on the left hand. Use mobile phone with antenna being stretched out and make the phone call shorter. It is better not to touch antenna if possible, especially during the phone call.

3. Printer, copy machine
A large amount of electromagnetic wave is generated during printing. In most cases, the motor is located in the back side, therefore avoid standing at the back side when printing a document and stay far from it, if possible.

4. Microwave oven
Microwave oven generates heat by emitting microwave with high thermal efficiency and agitating water molecule in food, thus may cause cataract or abnormality of brain, but, the models which are manufactured nowadays are mostly designed so as the microwave not to be leaked. However, be careful if it is deteriorated or there is gap around the door by food jamming.

5. Fluorescent lamp
If two fluorescent lamps of 20W locate side by side, considerable amount of wave is generated within 20cm. It is said that distance of more than 30cm is safe, and in case of three-wave length lamp, although it is brighter, it generates electromagnetic wave a lot more instead. Be careful to keep a certain distance away from stand on a desk or at bedside.



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