Smart Geiger (FSG-001)

Even though the accident of Fukushima, Japan calmed down, the risk of radioactivity exists in many places. How about in my surroundings? How about the area where I am going to travel? Is it safe indeed? Are disclosed figures reliable? To satisfy curiosity, you’d better measure it personally! However, an ordinary consumer needs first to have a high-priced radiation detector of hundred thousands~millions Won at least in order to measure the radioactivity. It would be a big burden. “Isn’t there any convenient way to measure? It would be good if we can just check whether there is radioactivity or not.” It is Smart Geiger that is developed from this point. The expensive smart-phones that most of you carry, of which price reaches up to six ~nine hundred thousand Won, is already a computer which has tremendous capabilities. 4 CPUs, several GBs of memory and top quality display! If it is utilized effectively, environmental data measurements can be done very easily and cheaply in many cases. Smart Geiger is a subminiature sensor of cheap price($39.9) which can detect radioactivity easily and conveniently by connecting to the earphone jack of a smart phone. It indicates radiation coming out from a radioactive substance in dose-rate figure(uSv/h), using semiconductor sensor. The measurement error is approx. within 30% because there are many different kinds of smart-phones in the market. Therefore, you may leave the exact measurement of radiation dose to experts, and you can carry out preliminary simple measurement by inserting Smart Geiger into the smart-phone. Smart Geiger is manufactured by R&D specialized company, FTLab with a sense of mission.


  • · Measurement radiation : Gamma, X-ray
  • · Measurement range : Survey Meter 0.1 ~ 200 μSv/h
  • · Measurement error : <±30%
  • · Sensor type : Semiconductor Sensor
  • · Sensor size : 30mm x Φ10
  • · Sensor weight : 6g
  • · Case type : Al (Aluminum)
  • · User interface : Smart phone (earphone jack)
  • · Linearity : 97% at 20~120 μSv/h






Q : I wonder if any radiation is detected and measured in ordinary daily living environment.

A : Fortunately, no radioactivity is mostly not detected in ordinary daily living environment. The radiation may be detected at those places subject to high probability of detecting radiation in the vicinity, such as the radiology clinic at hospital. The phenomenon detected and activated at some microwave range products is explained with its own operating principle, heating the foodstuffs up with high energy, and thereby the X-ray can be generated owing to collision of electrons created. According to the experiment conducted for 30 minutes of heating operation, the radiation was detected and measured within 5 counts. Yet, the measurement may not be made depending upon the sensitivities of mobile phones.

Q : Measured value rises in the middle of the testing.

A : There may be a phenomenon that the measured value rises when test is started by Smart Geiger. Through tests, it was confirmed that when WIFI is activated in the smart-phone, it can affect the test. When using Smart Geiger, we recommend you to use it after deactivating WIFI for the time being.

Q : The measured value goes up suddenly even though no radiation is present.

A : Oftentimes the measured value goes up when executing the apps at initial stage, which mostly happens due to the noise generated from corresponding mobile phone, rather than any presence of radiation detected. It is recommended to allow the measuring duration for about 5 ~ 10 minutes as either noise interference or natural radiation should be considered. At the same time, the presence of 1~4 counts for 1 minute time frame generated during the measurement should most probably happen due to the sensitiveness of subject smart phone. Please note this is no device error.

Q : Are the radiation of fishes measurable?

A : The foodstuffs such as fishe &sorts must be measured using the equipment with value of more than several thousand US dollars for isotope test. In general, it is difficult to measure the radiation diluted in foodstuff with portable radiation detector. Yet, if the ordinary people desire the measurement using portable detector, then the radiation measurement can be barely made at the gills and intestines of fishes by inserting the Smart Geiger into gills or intestines, as the radiation may be accumulated at these organs. No visible measurement indicates that the radiation is not present, or not detectable as the level of radiation is so low. In the event of any visible measurement detected by normal operation of tester, we can confidently say the concerned fish must be a contaminated one which should be fatal to human body once digested.

Q : Is it possible to precise measurements?

A : The Smart Geiger is an economy type simplified measurement sensor for ordinary people. Previously, it was burdensome for people to buy the existing radiation testers cost much expensive. As such, we have successfully developed the Smart Geiger in order to allow ordinary people simply and easily measure the radiation through extensive development effort with intelligent planning, production and sales strategies. Simultaneously, we have developed the product allowing anyone easily measure the radiation with all the mobile phones available today. However, there happens certain measurement errors by each mobile phone as those components assembled with mobile phones are all different by each respective smart phone model, and plus the embedded circuit design are different. Such obstacle existing today has been gradually reducing through steady improvement effort made by the phone manufacturers, as the standardization has been under way focusing on those product models which are most popular to people. Yet, we believe the more important point than measurement error is to check the presence of radiation. As such, this is the most powerful advantage of Smart Geiger as a simplified instrument.

Q : I wonder about the using way.

A : Allow the sensor contact with the concerned object in question of radiation presence, and wait for 5~10 minutes to see the indicated measurement value. At this moment, pay attention as the touching or making impact of any sort may interfere with the measurement value due to noise. The indication of 3~4 counts for 1 minute can be the presence of natural radiation or noise, when measured. The gauge value goes up by each stage with certainly high value as the count goes up. In case of Smart Geiger, the measured value may look too high within short period of time, as the instrument indicates the measurement unit values per specific time period. (The μSv/Hr is of measurement unit per specific time period.) The normal measurement value is to be indicated by keeping the measurement time lapse as 5~10 minutes, which shall make no big trouble in measuring correct value.

Q : The black film at front of sensor is peeled off. Will this make any trouble?

A : In almost no event the black film comes off by itself, but in case it is peeled off by force or by whatever reasons, it is recommended to put the film back as far as it is possible. Put the film back on with adhesive coated on edge, rather than in the middle, to allow less interference with sensitivity of device. The black film located at front of sensor effects on the product sensitivity, so attaching film of different material may create substantial variation in sensitivity. If the film is completely lost, then there will be no big difference in sensitivity, provided that the damage of silver foil at the front of sensor may most probably lead to the damage of sensor.

Q : Measurement values are all different by each smart phone.

A : Measurement values Smart Geiger may indicate inherently different values by each different smart phone. It is because of fact that the each smart phone recognize data as transmited by sound signal using voice port of smart phone, causing variation by each smart phone. This is not a sensor defect or fault but a sort measurement allowances inherently created from the device hardware environment of smart phone. In order to rectify such phenomenon, we added the ‘Automatic Calibration’ function with the measurement application, exerting consistent and extensive improvement effort to have the instrument operate within reasonably normal range with more and more smart phones. As well, we used to make public notice for those smart phone models guaranteed with normal measurement. Even with those guaranteed smart phone models, the measurement allowances can be created with maximum 30% by each smart phone. Yet, there will no trouble to detect and determine the presence of radioactivity with the Smart Geiger, a simplified instrument.

Q : What are the meanings of CMP, Timer, or Counter?

A : Some users do not know the meanings of CPM, Timer and Count among indicated values in the App. Count: The number that radiation is measured(detected). If radiation is measured, this number increases. Timer: It shows the measuring time. CPM: It means the number of Count which is counted during one minute.(Counters per Minute) These are all registered in homepage, please refer to it.

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