Smart VL Checker (FVL-001)

A micro-mini sensor to measure Visible Rays

National prevalence sensor !
Ultra-light sensor easy to carry !!
The simple and compact design !!!
Cheaper than other meter !!!!

A light to see every day !!  Visible Rays Sensor

Use: Measuring illumination of indoor light (fluorescent lamp, LED lamp etc)
Features: A sensor to measure a visible ray, moderate price, convenient use

Measuring brightness of light, maintenance of useful lighting Proper illumination can be confirmed.

Note: The roughness of the desk stand is generally 600 to 800 lux (lux) is good enough. If you need a high concentration in a short time bright, When viewing such a long time the PC monitor is suitable to control about 350 lux slightly darker.




  • ·Measurement : Visible light
  • ·Wavelength: 380-780 nm (peak wavelength 560nm)
  • ·Measurement error: <15%
  • ·Range : 0-40,000 Lux
  • ·Size: 30mm (incl. headphone jack 47mm)
  • ·Weight: 6g
  • ·Workable temperature: -20~+50 C
  • ·Workable humidity: <80%
  • ·Case material: Al (Aluminum)





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